Installation Tutorial

!!! Attention to All Our Swivel Bracket Customers !!!

Do not alter any of the swivel bracket holes. It will break the lifetime warranty and USDOT certification.
If the swivel bracket hole DOES NOT align with the seat base, you most likely ordered the wrong swivel SKU# [ OR ] you install the wrong side.
In some cases, it is due to the non-OEM seat base. (often happened on second-hand cars)
Please double-check this swivel compatibility list before you place the order.

For the top swivel bracket plate, make sure the bolt is under the seat rail and the nut is on top of the seat rail for all bolts and nuts. 

Please DO NOT add any washers with the nuts, as they will block seat movement. This is very important!

Here are some of our customers' YouTube channels that show how to install our products.

Benz Sprinter

To address the issue raised by the video, our store has already moved to Los Angeles, and the shipping cost is $35 per swivel. Our shipping lead time is now about 24 hours. And we got a live chat to support our customers.

(if your VAN has an E-Break, make sure you add a hand brake adapter to your shopping cart when you buy the swivels, it will lower the hand break level)

Dodge Pro Master

Ford Transit

Ford Econoline

GMC Savana / Chevy Express

Response to the video: Make sure you have the original chair. Our product does NOT need you to open the door to swivel the seat. Learning from this customer's mistakes to avoid yours.

Keep that in mind. If you need to open the door to swivel the seat, your installation is wrong.

For more YouTube videos related to our products, please click HERE.

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