About Us

Finding Freedom Down Every Road!

Back in the early year of 2012. Our company founder developed his first RV swivel design after a cross-North American trip. During that trip, he quickly realized many RV product gaps in the current market. This inspired him to create SprinterSwivel.com to fulfill the need.

As THE TRUE USDOT-CERTIFIED brand in the North American market, we put travelers/campers' safety at the heart of everything we do. Although there are many unsafe products out there, we believe OUR TRUST IS EARNED.

All our swivel products are labeled as "Heavy-Duty." It may just be a word to you, but it is our responsibility to ensure your safety with our products, this is also why we are the only brand with the confidence to provide a lifetime warranty to all our customers.

Enjoy the freedom that Amazing Auto products can provide and let us handle the safety.

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