# Question Answer
1 Is there any discount or coupon for first-time buyers? No, we do not have any discount/coupon at the moment
2 Does swivel 007/008 fit 2015 Express? Yes
3 Can you send swivels to Australia?
Yes, but there would be an international shipping fee ($120)
4 Could you send me some more specs, dimensions, mounting details, upholstery material, and options for the seat bed? Yes, please contact us for details.
5 I am a Chinese customer, my English is poor. Do you have someone able to translate? Yes, you can add our WeChat (微信) at 312045665.
6 I placed the wrong item with my order, what should I do? Please contact us with your order#, we can revise your order from our end.
7 What is the shipping cost(s)?

For swivels, we only charge a $35 per item flat rate for inside the U.S. ($120 for outside the U.S.)

For other small/medium products we only charge a $35 per item flat rate for inside the U.S. ($60 for Canada and Mexico)
For large items such as seats, we charge $400 per item for anywhere inside the U.S. ($600 for Canada and Mexico).
We do free shipping for small items such as small parts.

8 How long for shipping to Canada I just bought one? It depends on the CA custom, usually, it will take less than 7 business days.
9 Can I pick up my orders in person? Yes, this is only for those items that have a "Local Pick Up" option.
This option will display right below Swivel Side.
If you cannot find it, pretty much not available for local pickup.
When you do local pickup you need to place an order first, then make an appointment with us.
10 Can you help me install the swivels? Yes, we will charge $50 installation fees, you also need to make an appointment with us.
11  I would like to request an RMA, what should I do?

Please fill out the return & refund form, our customer support team will handle it.

Also, you can Login -> My Account -> Order History -> Your Order ID -> Click on red "Return" button -> Fill Out RMA form -> Submit.

12  I am a van builder and I am interested in your product, can I become one of your builders? Yes, please contact us seeking to set up your builder account. 
13 Does this swivel work on a dodge sprinter 2006?  Yes 
14  What is the wait time for Sprinter Air Bed?  About 2 minutes
15  I do not speak English, but I am still interested in your product, how can I buy it? Please consider using Google translate when browsing our website.
16 Which swivel fits my VW Eurovan T4? None 
17 Can I use P.O.Box for the shipping address?  No, FedEx only accepts Residential Addresses and Business Addresses. 
18  Do you ship over the weekend? No, If you place an order on Friday we will ship out your order on the flowing Monday. 
19  Do you have swivel installation videos? Yes, please click here.
20  I am interested in your Seat Bed, do you have a demo video? Yes, please click here.
21 Are there any window screens for Pro Master?
 No, we do not sell those screens at moment.
22 Where are my invoice or packing slips?  We do not provide invoices or packing slips upon in the front unless customers request them.
If you need one please leave your request in the order comment or contact us via webchat.
23 Do you have swivels for the Toyota Sienna? No 
24  There are no rails under my Sprinter passenger seat, does it matter the swivel to turn? Our swivel design for no-rails as well, your seat will not touch the door when you turn it with our swivel. 
25 How much height will add on after the swivel installation?  It will add about 1.5 inches to the seat height.
26 Do you charge tax for any state? We do not charge any tax across all United States at this moment. 
27 Do your swivels fit for Ford Transit 10 way power seat?  Yes 
28 I have a 2018 Mercedes Metris and looking for a bed seat that sits three people - please let me know if your seat has latched for two car seats? Yes 
29 Do you have a bracket for folding bed seats?  Our seat bed has a leg stand, can install on any model van.
30 Will the seat swivel with the door closed? Yes, you can swivel the seat while the door closed.
31 Can I swivel the seat while sitting in the seat?   No, it will be too heavy to swivel the seat while you setting on it. 
32  Is this a ball-bearing system or nylon / Delran friction-bearing material? No, our swivels do not use ball-bearing for safety practice. 
33 Will the Grand Caravan swivel fit in a Chrysler Pacifica?  Only fit for the passenger side. 
34 Where I can see my order relate information such as Order ID and tracking#? Please Login -> My Account -> Order History -> Your Order ID -> Under the "Order History" -> "Comment" section you should be able to see your order tracking#.
35 What does (BS****,CE****, FT****, etc.) mean under each swivel option?   Those are SKU#, for internal use only, please ignore them.
36 What is the difference between passenger and driver swivel?  The difference is the middle hole, you may notice the hole is offset center. This design allows the seat is able to turn while the door still closes.